The Communist Party of Turkey is 101 years old

  TKP Central Committee
We promise: We will build socialist Turkey!

Our Party was founded with the labour, tears, lives, blood, and hope of hundreds of people, communists, some in exile, some in the battlefronts against the occupation, some in the shipyards and workshops under occupation. The impossible happened, and right next to us, the oppressed of the 20th century did not obey their tsars, nobles, bourgeois, and landlords, and they turned their reigns upside down. It was an age in which equality and freedom would prevail. TKP was born at this age, she followed the call of the age. She considered her first duty to be at the forefront of the liberation struggle to end the occupation in Anatolia and take down the palace that cooperated with the imperialists. TKP knew her class; always fought for the interests of the working class, the oppressed workers, and the good days to come against the domination of the bourgeoisie. TKP adopted secularism, which is an absolute must for the enlightenment of the people, and independence, without which this country cannot breathe, as its basic principles. Imperialism in the world and the bourgeoisie in Turkey could not stand the new and enlightened age that had opened. They wanted to strangle the age with wars, fascism, oppression, force. TKP was hit, ruffled, and shaken from time to time, but each time she pushed for more.

At her 101st year, TKP is struggling to raise hope with the belief and determination she set out a century ago.

Capitalist domination itself has become the greatest threat to humanity today. The social order in Turkey resorts to more reaction, more looting, and more severe conditions of exploitation and oppression every day in order to survive. The only condition for the people to submit to this darkness is to leave them in despair.

As TKP, we declare that on our 101st anniversary, the working people are not in despair and we will not allow them to be left in despair. We call on the workers, intellectuals, youth, and labourers of this country to unite and join the TKP in order to save Turkey from these parasites and their outdated order.

Today is not the day to postpone, lose time, or settle for less. We invite all our people to Istanbul’s Kartal Square on Sunday, September 12 at 17:00 on our 101st anniversary to shout out together our demand for an egalitarian, free, secular, and independent country, a Socialist Turkey.

TKP Central Committee