LCP condemns Pompeo’s visit to Lebanon and warns of its dangers

  Political Bureau LCP
Our country has been witnessing lately frequent visits from ambassadors who can be easily labelled as ‘ambassadors of wars and strives’.

What is even worse is that some local parties encourage these visits because they seem to share with foreign powers common political views and sentiments.

In this context comes the visit of the United State Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to Lebanon which is scheduled to be held in the upcoming few days. Offensive and improper statements issued by ambassadors and diplomats of the USA, United Kingdom, and France, in addition to USA special envoy David Satterfield undoubtefully, reveal their intentions to intervene in the domestic affairs of our country.

This particular visit resembles the culmination of pressures that were frequently exercised by US diplomats; taking different shapes and contexts. Our party considers this visit to exert pressures on the Lebanese authorities to take the approval of the latest on several issues that the US considers essential to its interests and that of Israel as well. These issues include: delineation of maritime borders in such a way that benefits the Israeli enemy, putting additional sanctions on resistance groups and factions, prohibiting supplying key and strategic arms and support to the Lebanese army from sources other than provided from the US, naturalisation of the Palestinian refugees who resides in Lebanon since 1948, preventing Lebanon from playing an active role in Syria’s reconstruction projects under several pre-texts, and finally trying to use the presence of a high population of Syrian refugees in Lebanon through multiple ways that fit their political agenda.

LCP considers that some political events happening nowadays in the international political arena intersects with the US plans to assume full control and hegemony over our region. These developments mainly include the US-led Middle East Conference in Warsaw and the hidden agenda such conference might be promoting ( particularly regarding attempts to normalize the relationship between Arab states and the Israeli enemy), some media leaks on the so-called ‘ The Deal of the Century’, legalizing Israeli occupation of West Bank and Golan Heights, attempts to politically invest the presence of hundreds of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq in a manner that corresponds to the US interests in these two countries, attempting to create conflicts that would eventually lead to the partition of Syria, and finally escalating military interventions on Yemen and Iran. These plans that the US administration is trying to promote go in parallel with the ongoing interventions against Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and sanctions imposed on Russia and China.
Based on the above, our party calls on all concerned entities to mobilize their efforts to limit foreign interventions on the countries of our region, especially these coming from the US. Finally, the Lebanese Communist Party strongly condemns Pompeo’s visit and calls its supporters, along with all leftist and progressive Lebanese and Palestinian factions, to hold sit-ins and demonstrations as soon as the visit is publicly announced.


March 17, 2019

Political Bureau
The Lebanese Communist Party