LCP statement on the 72nd Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba

  LCP Political Bureau
A Statement by the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP)

The Nakba Day comes this year with bold intentions that the Israeli enemy had announced lately. These intentions could be summarized by Israel’s attempt to annex the West bank to its territory. This, if happened, will add a crime to the long list of crimes that Israelis had committed throughout its history. Moreover, and by doing so- Israelis are not only changing the geography of the Palestinian land, but changing also the history and demographics. This is still happening with the unconditional support of the USA, being it the head of imperialism.

This year, the commemoration of Nakba Day comes in conjunction with the COVID-19 pandemic. LCP considers that Zionism is more harmful to people than the coronavirus. The dangers of the Zionist movement are global dangers, but is specifically lethal on the Palestinian peoples. The latest actions undertaken by the Zionist state of Israel is annexing Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Shebaa Farms, and Kfarchouba Hills, to the so-called “Israeli Sovereignty”. Recently, the Israeli enemy had announced also its intention to annex parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, at a time when settlements are still mushrooming and the Gaza strip is still under the besiege.

The Lebanese Communist Party affirms that Palestinians have a full right to live under their statehood built on the entire Palestinian land and Jerusalem being the capital of their state. LCP also stresses that Palestinians who were expelled from their homes in 1948 have the right to return to their homeland. The path toward freedom and liberation is long. However, it can be achieved by exercising different forms of resistance; on top of it is the armed struggle. Our party also calls Palestinians and Arabs to form strong national bonds as a strategic means to confront imperialist ambitions. Arab people should unite their efforts and join hands with the aim of strengthening the national liberation movement of the Palestinians. Otherwise, colonial powers will win the battle through their long-standing strategy of “divide and rule”.

Sooner or later, Palestinian people will return to Palestine. And, the “Zionist Entity” will collapse.

LCP Political Bureau
May 15, 2020

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