Statement of the Media Office of the LCP on the criminal attack of the “Lebanese Forces”

  LCP Media Office
The media office of the Lebanese Communist Party would like to announce its strong condemnation of the deliberate ambush and the cowardly attack carried out by a militia faction of the “Lebanese Forces” (LF) against the popular demonstration called by the Committee of the Families of the Victims of the Port of Beirut on the occasion of August 4, which started from St. George Bay towards the port under the pretext of passing through “their” region in Gemmayzeh, and which was also accompanied by another attack carried out by this gang against one of the families of the victims of the port for refusing to raise the flag of the LF during the port celebration.

As a result of this attack, a number of demonstrators were wounded, including some of our comrades, and some of them suffered severe injuries, and we wish a speedy recovery to all.

The Lebanese Communist Party, which participated in this demonstration with other national and democratic political forces and figures, leftists and independent youth and student groups from the October 17 uprising, in addition to the Social Alliance, unions and women’s unions, holds the Lebanese Forces fully responsible for this barbaric attack and its consequences, as well. We also hold the security forces responsible as well, in terms of not providing protection to the demonstrators, while protecting the corrupt political system responsible for the crime of the port explosion and looting of public money, and using all means of excessive repression against the uprising as it did today.

This is not the first attack by the regime parties in various regions and squares, and it will not be the last, but it will not deter us and the citizens from continuing our struggle against the forces of the ruling system and their struggle to change the system and its system.

Beirut, on August 4, 2021

Media Office of the Lebanese Communist Party