Lebanese Communist Party: To rally all available capabilities in support of the Palestinian resistance.

The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party expresses its strong solidarity with the Palestinian resistant fighters in light of their recent heroic actions. This morning, the Palestinian resistance carried out a remarkable operation resulting in the capture of numerous occupation soldiers and settlers, as well as the liberation of occupied settlements in the Gaza envelope. Additionally, missile strikes targeted the occupied Palestinian interior.

This significant development serves as a direct response to the ongoing crimes committed by the occupation forces and marks the beginning of a new phase. In this phase, the Palestinian resistance takes the initiative to push for concessions from the Zionist enemy. These concessions include stopping the Judaization of Jerusalem, ending the expansion of cancerous settlements in the West Bank, releasing Palestinian prisoners from occupation prisons, preventing the "transfer" process from the occupied territories in 1948, and countering official Arab normalization with the Zionist entity.

This heroic confrontation represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle to liberate Palestine and establish a democratic national state throughout its entire territory, with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of all refugees.

The #Lebanese_Communist_Party stands firmly with the Palestinian resistance and is committed to leveraging all available resources in support of their cause. We call for the launch of initiatives to garner broad Lebanese, Arab, and international popular support and solidarity for Palestine. We urge communists and all patriots in Lebanon and abroad to actively engage and align with movements supporting Palestine, contributing with their available capabilities.

Join us in the massive rally in support of the heroic Palestinian Authority on Sunday, October 8, at eleven o'clock in the morning, at Riad Solh Square, as we stand in victory alongside the heroic Palestinian resistance. We remain vigilant in anticipation of potential retaliatory acts by the Zionist enemy, including brutal massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip.


Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party

Beirut, October 7, 2023