Lebanese Communist Party: To Overthrow the “Deal of the Century”

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The Lebanese Communist Party condemns and strongly rejects the American administration’s project reflected in the "deal of the century" which aimed at the final liquidation of the Palestinian cause, and considers it a criminal decision that carries catastrophic repercussions for the Palestinian people and their rights, as well as, for the region’s future.

Lebanese security forces pepper spray demonstrators outside US Embassy

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Angry Lebanese and Palestinian protesters staged a sit-in on Sunday outside the US Embassy to protest the “deal of the century,” which US President Donald Trump announced last week.The Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces set up a perimeter using barbed wire and iron barriers on the Dbayeh Highway leading to the US Embassy in Awkar, 11 km north of Beirut.The protesters raised Palestinian flags as well as the flags of Lebanese parties, including the Communist Party and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. They chanted in support of Palestine and in denunciation of the deal.
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