solidarity letter from LCP to CPM

 To the Communist Party of Mexico,lcp.png - 5.61 Kb

Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the Party of the Mexican Communist, the Lebanese Communist party (LCP) would like to present to you its warm comradely greetings, and its respect to your party's struggle against the official policy of Mexico, to defense of the people and workers, for freedom and democracy.

To recall the courageous of Party of the Mexican Communist in the struggle and resistance against imperialism and war in the solidarity with the cause of the liberation in the world.

 It is more important in these times which are shaped by deep crisis of the capitalist system and by the serious consequences and threats to international peace, freedom, and safety to unify our strength against imperialism in all its forms.

Crisis clearly shows the inherent contradictions and historical limits of the ruling system. It is a fact that the ongoing ruling class uses offensive means more exploitation, more unemployment, more inequalities, more poverty of the working masses and population, more attacks on the independence and sovereignty of the people, more interference, and wars.

Dear comrades,

We wish you success in your struggle and actions. Together we will work to bring closer relations and cooperation between our parties.

Beirut, 17 November 2012

Socialism is the Future 

The Central Committee     

Of Lebanese Communist Party