AKEL- UN General Assembly on palestine

AKEL salutes the approval of a resolution of the UN General Assembly on Palestineakel_logo.png - 14.37 Kb

The Central Committee of AKEL salutes the approval of a resolution at the UN General Assembly which upgrades the status of the Palestinian Authority to an observer-state. The development constitutes a significant decision which has been voted with the majority of 138 states.

 We denounce the hypocritical stance of some powers that voted against the proposal, highlighting the untenable position that this issue is a matter that should be agreed by the Israelis and Palestinians.

This policy of double standards, which aims to the deterioration of the character of the international law and allows at the same time the occupation to be evolved as nothing is going on, is what allows the perpetuation of unjust problems.

 We express our solidarity and support to the struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation, peace and justice.

Release Date: November 30, 2012