Cuba Remains the Iconic Role Model for All Freedom Fighters

  LCP Politburo
The Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) condemns the US administration decision putting Cuba back on “state sponsors of terrorism” list. This act is considered an offensive and provocative move undertaken by Trump administration just few days before leaving office into the dustbin of history.

Cuba has left valuable imprints on the process of human progress and development. Tens of thousands of people around the world, especially the poor, received scholarships to study medicine, engineering, education, and other fields in its state-run universities. In addition, the country’s notable physicians were sent on humanitarian and emergency missions, especially in countries located in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Most recently, the Cuban state contributed to the fight against COVID-19 through providing a total of 39 countries with medical supplies, scientific resources, and technical expertise. Finally, this country was always supportive of all national liberation movements in the world. Cuba never attacked any country, nor invaded any sovereign state. Adding to this, the Cuban state had never discriminated against its citizens on the basis of color, race, or gender. On the contrary, the country stood up bravely in support of all poor and marginalized populations including its constant support to the Palestinian cause. The pro-humanity and justice stances of Cuba formed the basis of the label given to this country: the Island of Freedom.

When speaking about terrorism, one should directly point out at the imperialist states, mainly led by the USA. This country launched countless wars which resulted in millions of deaths in order to control the resources of other nations’ populations and to ease the process of exploitation exercised by the Multi-National Corporations (MNC’s). State terrorism is also manifested through a series of economic sanctions against countries that do not comply with the US policies. One of these countries is Cuba which bravely and amazingly resisted these sanctions over the past decades. Another facet of terrorism is when the imperial United States supports terrorist and extremist groups. Besides this, the USA had been a historic and strategic ally to the Zionist entity which is an occupying state entity who carries out brutal and aggressive acts against the native Palestinian peoples. Let us remind the public opinion as well that the US detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Ironically enough, Trump supporters gathered themselves last week in front of the Capitol Hill and interrupted a congress session hence challenging the results of the Presidential Elections, and undermining the electoral process.

Cuba is the humane, socialist antithesis of aggressive American capitalism, and therefore the reason why the US is always obsessed by Cuba. Cuba equates freedom and revolution; the revolution of Castro, Che Guevara, and thousands of freedom fighters around the globe. Cuba is the symbol of freedom, whereas the USA is a symbol of wars and aggressions.

The LCP expresses its full support with Cuba against the newly issued declaration by the US administration.

LCP Politburo
January 12th 2021