Statement from the politburo of the Lebanese Communist Party on Nakba Day

  LCP Politburo
Call for Lebanese, Arab and international support for the resistance and uprising of the Palestinian people

In memory of the Nakba, when Palestine was abandoned and handed over to the hordes of settlers. In memory of your Nakba, when they tried to stifle the spirit of liberation with the shackles of the occupation and its supporters. Today, barechested, resisting with your proud and steadfast people, you confront the murderous military machine and Zionist hostility, toppling the deal of the century that tried to divide Palestine and annex it to the usurping entity. The Palestinian people's uprising has made the Nakba a calamity for the Zionist entity instead, by virtue of national unity through resistance in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the 48 lands, making history through the blood of its martrys.

The aggression of the Zionist entity today is the continuation of the Zionist movement's history- a fascist project built on myths, racism and genocide- established on the foundations of a colonial political project, led by British, and later American, imperialism. Since its inception, its continuity relies on settlements, occupation, displacement, siege, arrests, murder, and committing massacres and crimes against humanity.

The Lebanese Communist Party salutes the uprisings in the Palestinian towns of Lod, Nazareth, Haifa, and Acre and others, the steadfastness of the people of Jerusalem, from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, to the West Bank uprisings and the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza. We also salute all popular and international support and solidarity movements, from progressive and leftist forces, and the struggles of the Arab peoples breaking illusory borders, uniting people yearning for liberation.

The response to the aggression waged by the fascist settler militias, the Zionist army and religious extremists in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the '48 territories is the unity of the Palestinian people in Palestine and abroad, engaging in comprehensive, multilateral acts of resistance to end the Zionist apartheid regime based on violence and ethnic cleansing, in order to establish a secular, democratic state in all of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital, guaranteeing the refugees' right to return.

In this context, the Lebanese Communist Party calls for strengthening and reinforcing political, popular movements, in support of the resistance of the Palestinian people, in Lebanon and the world. The LCP also calls for participation in the movements of Nakba Day across all regions, in addition to demonstrations and sit-ins that will be organized during the coming days.

Long live the Palestinian resistence, long live the struggles of all peoples and long live internationalist solidarity. Eternal glory for the martyrs.