The LCP condemns Soha Beshara's ban from entering Greece and calls on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon the Greek ambassador immediately

  LCP Political Bureau
The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party condemns the arrest of the heroic fighter, Soha Beshara, at Athens airport and the ban on her entering Greece, under the pretext that she poses a threat to the national security of a European country.

This dangerous precedent constitutes a flagrant attack against a Lebanese national hero who contributed to achieving liberation and freedom for the Lebanese people, and spent 10 years under captivity in the Khiam detention camp, which is infamous for its inhumane torture practices that were documented by international organizations, including the International Red Cross.

Instead of the Greek government arresting the Zionist officials who established the Khiam detention center and supervised the torture of Soha Beshara and thousands of Lebanese people, we see it pursuing and arresting these heroes whom the Lebanese and all the patriots, leftists and communists around the world are proud of.

The Lebanese Communist Party calls on the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take an immediate initiative to secure political support for the activist Soha Beshara, to summon the Greek ambassador immediately and to take strict measures, and to consider her arrest as an attack on Lebanon's national sovereignty, freedom and security of its citizens.

The party also calls on the Greek communists, as well as all the Arab and international national and leftist forces, to condemn this attack and to act and take action in confronting the policies of persecuting the resistance fighters instead of prosecuting the Zionist war criminals who killed and tortured our Arab peoples, especially the Palestinian people.


The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party

July 12, 2023

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